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Month: November 2017

The Problems Faced By The People Who Live By Beach

So beach is a beautiful place to spend time on. Summer is the best time to visit beach and play all the water games, get tan and have a fun time. So the people who lives by beach are the luckiest sometimes, as they get to enjoy the sight every day. But there’s a side that you didn’t know very well. Most of the people who live by beach has the occupations or the jobs settled down with beach itself, the use the beach as there business areas and some directly us e the ocean to make living out of it. So what are the jobs they do related to sea and what are the problems they witness in having to make a living out of the sea.

The Problems

Well, for starters some people, or most precisely, fishers use boats to ride the tide and fishing, it is their way of life catching fish and selling them to the bet prices. Bu the unfortunate thing is, the boats they us to sail are always in water so t is always coated with fouling. So as a solution, the fishers have to use boat anti-fouling or soda blast for that matter. It is some irritating job, yet they have t d o it in order to continue their living. And also, there equipment’s can also subjected to the same fate as well. so it is the same remedy they have to us e for these tools they’re using to catch fish and all.

Houses nearby

So, there are houses which nearby the beach mostly the fishermen’s houses are prone to many mishaps as well. With subjecting to salty winds and rain and salt water, these walls are often covered with different kinds of stains, fouling and what not. So they have to do the brick cleaning if their house is made of bricks as more often than a normal house. And what about the appliances that are using for day today activities, they are too subjected to fouling situation as well, so that, the same remedy has to be used for them as well. This explains the other side or the irritating side of living by the beach even though we thought it as the most enjoyable thing. Because everything has its pros and cons. We got to expect them and find remedies for them as well. In this case, it is clear that, used to do jobs related with the sea and living by the beach is quite challenge some and you have to find the solutions for the problems arising rather than changing your job and the residence to avoid the situation.